Stay home – save lives


“When we know better, we do better.” Maya Angelou

For many of us, the past few weeks have been among the most uncertain of our lives. Schools have closed, many workers are now toiling from home, and commerce in most sectors has screeched to a halt. Mixed messages from political leaders and other officials have led to confusion and frustration. One thing is certain – we must do even more.

Social distancing is important, and good hygiene practices are vital. If we want to slow down the spread of COVID-19, we must stay home. Healthcare professionals, emergency responders and some service-industry workers will still need to go to work. Infrequent trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy might be necessary. Otherwise, stay home.

Our actions will have economic impacts, on both macro and micro scales. Prolonging the inevitable will only make those impacts worse. There are a number of businesses in Brookings that have transitioned to online storefronts. Log on, but stay home.

Not all understood the seriousness of this situation from the beginning. As humans, we’re both optimistic and cynical. Both of those traits tend to cloud our decision making. Visit or for updated guidance and information. Listen to the medical experts, stay home.

On Monday evening, the Brookings City Council passed ordinance 20-005. The ordinance mandates the closure of certain non-essential businesses and requires many others to adjust their service models. The decision was difficult. We’re being asked to balance the lives of our citizens with their livelihoods.

The situations in other countries and states, should drive our decision making now. If we don’t work together to “flatten the curve” this calamity will quickly become a crisis for our community and state. If you care about Brookings, stay home.

We know better, now we need to do better. Stay home, it will save lives.