Stop picking on President Trump


“Trump Anxiety Disorder” hit full bloom on the Brookings Register editorial page, Saturday, July 21. Therapist Elisabeth LaMott describes this shared misery among patients “feeling a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what’s happening in the country… There is a fear of the world ending… It’s very disorienting and constantly unsettling.” (CBC/Radio-Canada, 7-28-18).

Rev. Carl Kline used his column on “giving” and “service to others” to fret anxiously about presidents not making their tax records public to “show us how much they contributed to the larger society” – a well-worn Democrat talking.

John Walker followed with a convulsive political rant citing President Trump for “racist attacks” against four U.S. Congresswomen, “appalling behavior,” and using “virulent racism and hatred to gain votes.”

Columnist Donald Lambro chimed in by smearing President Trump as “hostile” to hard-working, law-abiding immigrants, who have entered our country legally – a patently false claim.

The Kline-Walker-Lambro trifecta was polished off with the obligatory anti-Trump cartoon, a perfect four for four clean sweep. 

Counterpoints to their anxiety-fueled narratives are in order.

Immigration:  President Trump has stated that America welcomes immigrants with open arms, but they must enter our country legally as millions have done before them.  They must also share the common goal of all Americans – to make our country better, safer, and stronger.  Trump also believes that it is critical for the future of our country to secure our borders to prevent the entry of criminal aliens and stop the massive illegal drug flows.

According to a June 2019 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report, “In October 2018, CBP’s Office of Intelligence (OI) tracked one caravan estimated to include nearly 8,000 individuals that arrived south of California in December 2018.  ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) established that 660 of these individuals had U.S. criminal convictions — nearly 40 were convicted of assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Three individuals were convicted of murder.”

CBP OI, tracking a January 2019 caravan of 3,300 individuals out of Honduras,  “identified 860 individuals with U.S. criminal histories,” which included assault/aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, sexual offenses, “violence against law enforcement, and one convicted of attempted murder.” 

Presidential giving:  Trump’s charitable contributions are easily accessible online. reports his private and foundation-based giving to worthy recipients:  American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Achilles International, and others.  In 2011, “Trump and his siblings gave a $1 million grant to support and name the Institute for Implant Analysis at the Hospital for Special Surgery, which treated Trump’s parents.”  He has also generously gifted The United Way ($1 million), the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and many others. 

Trump has supported the New York City Police Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of NY, and New Yorkers For Parks.  He donated “$1.1 million of his own personal money to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, and helped raise $4.5 million for some two dozen veterans groups supporting combat wounded veterans and their families, the  Navy Seal Foundation; and Veterans Airlift Command, and numerous other veterans organizations.”

Mr. Trump takes no salary as president.  He earns $100,000 each quarter, pays his taxes, then donates the balance – all of it ($78,333) – to various government departments and agencies (, 2-13-19).  To date:  National Park Service, Department of Education, Health & Human Services, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration (veterans programs), National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (opioid epidemic), Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture (outreach program for farmers). 

Would Rev. Kline care to name any presidents from his favored political party over the past 50 years who have also donated their presidential salaries to government agencies?

Racism:  White CNN anchor Don Lemon recently “ambushed” a black pastor, Rev. Bill Owens, for not supporting the ‘Trump-is-a-racist narrative’ – evidenced by “racially-charged language” attacking “black and brown elected leaders.”

Rev. Owens fired back, “I find President Trump [attacks] leaders of all colors. He attacks who he will. He’s his own man”… “ he does not just attack black people. He attacks anybody.  And you know it.” (, 8-2-19).

President Trump’s historic criminal justice reform legislation, “The First Step Act,” predominantly benefited black prison inmates, shortening some federal sentences and expanding rehab programs in prison.  The first black woman released, Catherine Toney, had spent 16 years of her life in prison, trying multiple times to get her sentence reduced, and failing.  “The surprise rescue from a 20-year sentence for a drug offense was a miracle.”  Overjoyed, she offered her gracious thanks “to God and President Trump” (, 4-1-19).

Trump is also colorblind on a far higher plane – respecting the sanctity of life of unborn babies.

On Nov. 23, 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its “Abortion Surveillance Report” for 2015.  Of the 638,169 abortions reported to CDC that year, non-hispanic white babies were being aborted at a rate of 6.8 per 1,000 women of that race. Non-hispanic black babies were being aborted at a rate nearly four times higher (25.1/1,000), and Hispanic babies at a rate nearly twice as high (11.2/1,000).  “Other” unborn babies (Native American, Asian) were aborted at a rate of 13.5/1,000.

 Trump’s political enemies not only ignore the flagrantly disparate impact of abortion against black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian unborn babies, they actually celebrate the expansion of abortion laws promoting increasingly inhuman terminations. 

An ill wind is blowing in our country, stirring up all manner of godless pathologies and social discord. There is no power, however, within the cunningly devised ambitions of social reformers to bridle evil passions.

 Christ alone has the power to transform human hearts.  He alone is the strength and the hope for America’s future.  In his own words (Matthew 28:18):  “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”