Strong leadership is crucial

Letter to the editor

This letter is in response to opinions expressed in last Monday’s Register by Carl Kline and Fedora Sutton Butler.

The articles address us as a whole and us as individuals.

Rev. Kline aptly reminds us of our responsibility to care for those who need our help. Why do we neglect this mandate?

Is it greed? We know that greed is prevalent in our society. But I don’t want that term applied to me. I’m hoping you don’t either.

Or is it fear that keeps us from doing what we know we should? Are we afraid that if we give to help others, we won’t have enough for ourselves? We may not be able to buy all we want? Go where we want? Are we afraid others won’t spend our gift as we think they should?

Are we perhaps afraid we won’t be prepared for the next pandemic? Another pandemic? If you believe in science, you know that it is not unlikely.

Butler addresses the idea of preparedness. She makes several recommendations that our community could do now that would be valuable when we must meet the next pandemic.

The biggest need we have now is for responsible leadership – locally, statewide and nationally.

Our governor has money she can’t decide how to spend. Since this virus shows no inclination to recede, maybe we should start on some of Ms. Butler’s ideas now.