Trump supporter off base

Letter to the editor

I was not surprised to see Bernie Hendricks promoting positive aspects of Donald Trump in his 8/10/19 Speakout piece. However, given Mr. Hendricks’ reputation as a prolific researcher of current events, I was surprised at the paucity of his points.

Mr. Trump promotes himself as a billionaire, although we don’t know for sure because he hasn’t shared his tax returns as has every other president. But assuming he is a billionaire, his giving a million dollars here and there can hardly be considered generous as a million is one-10th of one percent of a billion. The biblical tithe would be 100 million. 

I would agree with Mr. Hendricks that there are problems with immigration at our southern border, but Mr. Trump’s cruel policy of separating children from their parents to discourage others from coming to the United States is indefensible. That’s the real issue I have with Mr. Trump: he is a cruel bully with no compassion for anyone other than perhaps his children. His vitriolic rhetoric is at least partially responsible for the violence our country is experiencing, but he and his defenders will not admit that.

I do not know of one kind or nice thing that Mr. Trump has done. Sure, he has given his salary to various government agencies, but his frequent trips at taxpayer expense more than make up for that. 

He cannot open his mouth without lying. He doesn’t know that he is lying because to him everything in his worldview is true and his worldview is shaped by his “gut,” not by reading or listening to the experts available to him.

If Mr. Hendricks could come up with some genuine good deeds that Mr. Trump has done, something that would show he actually has a heart and conscience, I would be delighted to hear about them.