Vote for Ellis

In today’s political climate, it’s refreshing to have an independent option and voice for District 7 house. Cory Ann Ellis has pledged to put the interests of the people of Brookings above the party politics that plague our state and country. I met Cory Ann several years ago when she photographed our dogs as part of a fundraiser she ran for the local Humane Society.  We later reconnected while both working for a local organization that equips and educates female leaders. It was through this work that I started to see the kind of leader and fighter Cory Ann is.

 Cory Ann is a leader in our community. You may have seen her in our schools as an Educator for a Day or at the Veteran’s Day program building a Woman in Military display. She often lends her photography skills and organization knowledge to courses in the community and on campus. Cory Ann and her Great Dane, Porter, can been seen at the Farmer’s Market on most Saturdays, Downtown at Sundown on Thursdays, or patronizing one of the many locally owned businesses in Brookings. The politician I want isn’t someone who wants to make a career out of being in office. Elected officials should be close to the community so they can see and hear what’s really going on locally. How else are they supposed to represent our interests? Cory Ann is available to hear concerns and comments, because she is part of the fiber of our community.

 As I got to know Cory Ann on a more personal level, I found out why she is such a fighter. She is the first member of her family to be a college graduate. Growing up her dad was a commercial fisherman and as a result, she learned to work hard from a young age.  That work ethic led her right to her college’s athletic hall of fame. Her family is a military family with Cory Ann and her husband, Andy, being veterans and her eldest currently serving. I have seen her perseverance personally. If something isn’t right, Cory Ann doesn’t just talk, she acts. I expressed concern about public school funding, and before I could hang up the phone, she was off researching, making plans and talking about solutions.

When I think about the stereotypical politician, Cory Ann doesn’t fit the mold. The people of Brookings deserve more than the stereotypical politician. She is a member of this community that believes in bringing everyone to the table, no matter their background, to make real progress. I urge Brookings citizens to put themselves above any political party and elect Ellis on Nov. 6.  

Krista Benson