Walmart introduces pickup tower in Brookings

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BROOKINGS – As part of its continued commitment to providing innovative technologies that help customers save time and money, Walmart is launching a new Pickup Tower in Brookings. Customers will now have access to the tower at the Walmart Supercenter at 2233 Sixth St. The Pickup Tower functions like a 16-foot tall high-tech vending machine and can fulfill a customer’s online order in less than a minute.

To use the tower, customers simply choose from millions of items available on and select the Pickup option at checkout. When the item arrives at the local store, an associate loads it into the Pickup Tower and the customer retrieves by scanning a bar code sent to their smartphone.

The vast majority of the Pickup Towers will also be paired with Pickup Lockers. More than half a million orders have already been completed through the existing Pickup Towers, and this addition will grant customers the ability to pick up large items, such as a new TV, while still utilizing the time-saving convenience of the towers.


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