Water woes

Jodelle Greiner/Register

BROOKINGS – This week’s rainfall exposed a problem with the recently reopened viaduct on Sixth Avenue. City crews noticed the spot was not draining as it should, City Engineer Jackie Lanning said Thursday. 

Barricades blocked traffic from entering the underpass, which was half-full of standing water on Thursday, shown above.

“The project has sediment control fabric and wattles in the new storm drain inlets that appear to be clogged and not letting water filter through. The crews will be pumping the water into a nearby storm inlet and cleaning the inlets to make sure the water is flowing freely in the pipes. The current water in the viaduct is temporary,” Lanning said.

The viaduct is now empty and back open for drivers and pedestrians to use.

The construction project on the viaduct included new storm sewer pipe and inlets and concrete pavement. A lighted flood warning system is also planned.


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