Wendell to resign from Brookings City Council effective July 30

City of Brookings photo: Nick Wendell

BROOKINGS – Brookings City Councilman Nick Wendell has announced he is resigning from the council to move to Sioux Falls.

The city issued a press release Friday morning, and Wendell has posted the news on his “Nick Wendell, Brookings City Council” Facebook page.

“Councilmember Nick Wendell will resign his position on the Brookings City Council effective Friday, July 30, 2021, citing an upcoming relocation to Sioux Falls,” according to the city press release.

“During his time on the council, Wendell has been a dedicated public servant. He joined the Brookings City Council in 2016 for a two-year term and was re-elected in 2018, serving a full term. He was re-elected again in 2021,” the press release says.

“The Brookings City Council will discuss the next steps for filling the vacancy created by his resignation at the July 27th City Council meeting. The process will be similar to actions taken earlier this year when councilmember Wayne Avery was appointed to assume the vacancy created by the election of Mayor Ope Niemeyer,” the press release concludes.

“I am writing this morning to share some news,” Wendell posted on Facebook Friday morning. “I will be relocating to Sioux Falls in the coming weeks and, with a heavy heart, am resigning my position as a Brookings City Councilor and Deputy Mayor.

“Serving our community has been one of the great privileges of my life. I am so proud of the work we have done together. We have made investments that have improved the quality of life in Brookings, we have advanced our efforts around inclusivity and equality, and we have navigated uncertain times,” Wendell wrote. 

“This role has given me the opportunity to interact with so many top notch people. I believe Brookings is the best little city in South Dakota, but it didn’t become what it is on accident. Brookings is Brookings thanks in large part to generations of leaders and community members who combined vision, hard work, and passion for what was possible,” Wendell wrote. 

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the councilors, staff, volunteers, and members of boards, committees and commissions with whom I have worked. I also want to thank my family and friends who have supported me through three campaigns and five years of service,” Wendell wrote. 

“One night, as I walked home after a wild meeting in the midst of the pandemic, I thought about how fortunate I was that my path had intersected this time in the life of our city. Despite all the challenges, I gained far more than I gave during my time on the council,” Wendell wrote.

“Years ago, when I wanted to launch a little project called The Big Blue Birthday Box, Brookings donated countless toys, books, and dollars to help us deliver thousands of boxes to the doorsteps of children in need. When I was diagnosed with cancer, you cheered me on and surrounded me with love. And now, as I take this exciting next step, I’ll go with the wind of your support at my back. Thank you, Brookings,” Wendell wrote.


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