Whole-hog barbecue planned in Arlington on Saturday

(Photo courtesy travelsouthdakota.com)

ARLINGTON — A whole-hog barbecue will be Sept. 16 in Arlington.

The barbecue — prepared by local barbecue masters Patrick Parker, Jason Parker, Terry Good and Martin Murphy — will be served on the patio of the 1481 Grille.

The hog feed will start at 5 p.m. Saturday. Baked beans, coleslaw, and corn bread will be served along with the pork. The feed is sponsored by the Arlington Community Foundation, with all the proceeds going to the endowment fund. There will be games for larger door prizes, along with smaller door prizes given away.

The actual cooking of the hog will be in an above-ground cinder block pit. Preparations began on Sept. 11 when the cinder block pit was put together on the parking lot of the 1481 Grille. During the afternoon on Sept. 15, the hog will be prepped with custom-made rubs and injected with custom-made sauces. It will be put in the pit later in the afternoon and left to cook for 24 hours, being ready to serve the afternoon of Sept. 16.

The endowment fund of the ACF was started a year ago. At that time a challenge grant was offered from the South Dakota Community Foundation that would match $25,000 if $100,000 was raise on the local level. The ACF reported that after one year we are over the half way mark having collected $52,000 in the first year.

According to an ACF news release, “Through the continued generosity of the community, we can accomplish our goal and raise $100,000. With the $125,000 we would the have we would have over $6,000 available every year for grants to be given to Arlington organizations in need.

"Stop in on Saturday to see how we are doing, but be prepared to be put to work if you stay too long. If any one has a deep desire to be a part of local history contact Martin Murphy at 203-3184. Hope to see everyone Saturday, Sept. 16 to help support funding Arlington’s future.”