Women Without Limits to hold fall membership drive

BROOKINGS – Women Without Limits Brookings announces their fall 2021 membership drive in preparation for their semi-annual membership meeting Oct. 14, at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

Women Without Limits meets twice a year, and each member agrees to contribute a check for $100 that will go directly to the nonprofit who ultimately receives the impact award. Members can nominate 501c3 nonprofits to receive an award. From the nonprofit nominations, five will be drawn to be considered by members at the October 14 meeting. The five nonprofits will give short presentations about their organizations, and members then vote to determine the impact award recipient. At that time, the name of the winning nonprofit will be written on each member-contributed check so that the funds can go directly to supporting that nonprofit. Group membership does not require any additional volunteer hours or time commitment, and members can vote early if they cannot make it to the event on Oct. 14.

The group formed in March 2021 and surpassed the original goal of 100 members, voting to give PLAY: Personalized Learning Adventures for Youth its first impact award of $12,600 in April 2021.

Women Without Limits Brookings is currently accepting membership applications and has set the next membership goal at 200 members before the October meeting with the aim of selecting two nonprofits to receive $10,000 impact awards. To sign up, go to womenwithoutlimitsbrookings.org/become-a-member.

For more information, visit Women Without Limits Brookings on Facebook and Instagram or email [email protected]



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