South Dakota editorial roundup: Gov. Kristi Noem challenges state Board of Regents

Gov. Kristi Noem’s challenge to the South Dakota Board of Regents last week to improve higher education in the state contained some valid points of concern amid other political calculations.

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Columnist Byron York: The pregame is over for Trump vs. DeSantis

There’s been a huge amount of commentary on former President Donald Trump’s big lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis in national polls. In the current RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump has a 30.8-point lead — 53.2% to DeSantis’ 22.4%. That lead, while enormous, has been shrinking in the last week; on May 20, it was 36.9 points. Now, it’s six points smaller. That is something to watch in the days ahead.

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Columnist David Shribman: Be the grace in the world

PITTSBURGH — Listen up. Virginia Montanez can’t hear. But you need to hear what she has to say.

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Columnist Slim Randles: Sometimes you can turn work into fun

Dud was heading home in his pickup truck when he saw the strange goings-on at the Bahdziewicz place.

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Columnist Terry Mattingly: Tim Keller was a witty outsider who came to New York to stay

On the Sunday after 9/11, thousands of New Yorkers went to church, with many joining a line stretching outside the Redeemer Presbyterian services in a Hunter College auditorium.

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Columnist Gene Lyons: Moms for Liberty waging war on libraries

Here we go again. What we have here is a classic moral panic, a repeating theme in American public life. Remember the McMartin preschool trial in Los Angeles back in the 1980s? Bizarre allegations of satanic sexual abuse were made against a family-run day care center in Manhattan Beach.

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Columnist Carl Kline: We should turn away from nationalism

I love my children; but that doesn’t mean I always approved of what they did when they were younger. On the contrary, parental love includes a concern for right behavior and learned morality. In the same way, I love my country; but that doesn’t mean I have to salute at every flag it flies. Rather, I have an obligation as a grateful citizen to question, even object, should the country betray our values.

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