Additional Articles

  • A voice of reason on the left: Some hope for Democrats

    Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard recently made some comments that give me a glimmer of hope for a turn in our abortion politics.

  • Elect for patriotism and compassion – it’s time

    Our senators in Washington often state they are pro-life and have touted the tax cut as the GOP’s great accomplishment. Is the betrayal and slaughtering of American allies in Syria and placing children in cages pro-life?

  • The horrors of the squash

    Squash. Just listen to that word one more time. Squash … one of the English language’s most painful words, along with maim and trauma and rend and okra and Liberace. Why would anyone want to eat something that sounds as though someone sat on it?

  • Recent changes made by the Trump Administration that have gone against rules made by the Obama Administration

    On the campaign trail in 2015, Donald Trump said it was “disgusting” that a big corporation could escape taxation by using bookkeeping tricks to shift profits out of the United States.

  • Dems turn an unconventional cold shoulder to N.H.

    NORTH CONWAY, New Hampshire – The refrigerator is almost empty.

  • Thoughts on proper lawn care, indoor rec center

    Custom lawn applicators of fertilizer need to pay attention and not spread the pellets into the street. The fertilizer ends up in our river, as the rain water runs and carries the ingredients.

  • The NCAA’s rules on student-athlete pay aren’t the real problem

    Some great basketball minds, including University of Kansas coach Bill Self, have come out in support of the California law that eventually will allow student-athletes to be paid for endorsement deals and other such marketing work.

  • The hug heard ’round the world

    Here’s one thing I know: when you hate somebody, really detest them, it eats you alive.

  • Recognizing Native Americans’ Day

    Each October, we celebrate Native Americans’ Day – an opportunity to honor South Dakota’s nine Native American tribes, as well as their heritage, culture, and tradition.

  • There is joy in Mudville

    When the baseball playoffs really get going, Sue will sometimes watch four games in one day. If I watch with her, I am not allowed to speak, because that would spoil the spell.

  • One ponders, is anything lasting?

    The first forecast of frost and snow in the fall brings with it a sense of panic. The window air condoners need to come out, the flowers and plants need to come in.

  • No one Democrat is the favorite for 2020

    There’s lots of good news for the Democrats these days.

  • End impeachment secrecy, open proceedings

    There have so far been two hearings in the House Democrats’ effort to impeach President Donald Trump over the Ukraine matter. Both have been held in secret. One was last Thursday, the other Friday, and the public does not know what was said in either. Two more are scheduled for this week, and they will be held behind closed doors, too.

  • SBC president gets blunt on sexual abuse. What now?

    For decades, Southern Baptist leaders rolled their eyes whenever there were headlines about clergy sexual abuse cases. That was – wink, wink – a Catholic thing linked to celibate priests. Then there were those mainline Protestants, and even some evangelicals, who modernized their teachings on marriage and sex. No wonder they were having problems.

  • Debate surrounding acting legal AG’s legal authority intensifies

    Washing-ton – If you are having a hard time keeping track of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, you are not alone.