Additional Articles

  • Remaining relevant: Mike Pence hasn’t gone away

    MANCHESTER, N.H. – Mike Pence is determined not to be the modern version of William R. King, William A. Wheeler or Charles W. Fairbanks.

  • Predicting the weather is easy

    We knew it was coming when Bert came into the Mule Barn truck stop the other day. He took his usual stool at the philosophy counter and world dilemma think tank, where he reigns as Cutting Edge Technology Advisor to the board of directors.

  • Where’s the beef?

    Do you remember Clara Peller? In 1984 she was the main character in the Wendy’s Hamburger Restaurant commercial who famously yelled the phrase, “Where’s the beef?”

  • Vaccinations: Ensuring the common good

    Houston Methodist Hospital set a deadline lastweek for its 26,000 employees: Get vaccinated against the coronavirus, or lose your job. Almost everyone complied, except for a small group of dissenters, who are now suing the hospital.

  • Potiphar’s wife and other news from SBC warfare

    It’s hard to follow warfare inside the Southern Baptist Convention without a working knowledge of biblical symbolism.

  • Say ‘no’ to WOTUS, POTUS

    Recently, I sat down with the South Dakota Corn and South Dakota Soybean Associations in Valley Springs. For over an hour, I heard directly from producers on concerns they have, the challenges of the last four years, as well as the emerging opportunities. From workforce to trade to farm programs, there was a common goal amongst both groups: greater predictability.

  • Navigating baseball’s unwritten rules

    Now that the Major League Baseball season is well underway, with fans like me relieved and happy to have our absorbing summer pastime back, spectators returning to the ballpark and interesting playoff races in all six divisions, it’s time for the annual spate of “baseball is doomed” articles presaging the game’s inevitable decline and fall.

  • Winning the long game

    In the era of the 24-hour news cycle and instant gratification, it’s important to remember that some good things still take time. On June 9, South Dakota scored a historic, once-in-a-generation win when the U.S. Air Force signed a record of decision to formally designate Ellsworth Air Force Base in Box Elder as Main Operating Base 1 – the first home of the B-21 stealth bomber.

  • Pondering post-pandemic possibilities

    Even after several weeks of being fully vaccinated, even after the CDC said it was OK to stop wearing a mask every time I see another human being,even though I’ve begun to see faces not on a screen, even after eating “out” and actually sitting “in” a restaurant, even after so many months of monkish isolation, one can be forgiven if they are a little squeamish about believing the worst is over. I still carry a mask in the car and sometimes in my pocket. Sometimes I wear it, out of habit, if not caution. Some say I look good, even better, in a mask.

  • Ominous encounter

    In many cul­tur­al tra­di­tions, an encounter with an owl at night is an omi­nous sign.

  • In praise of seniors

    What do Queen Elizabeth (95), Janet Yellen (74), our president (78) and the pope (84) have in common? How about (Pennsylvania governor) Mike DeWine (74), Jerry Brown (83) and Lamar Alexander (80)?

  • South Dakota strong

    South Dakota has the strongest economy in America. In fact, a recent study by Moody’s Analytics says that South Dakota is one of only two states to be in a stronger economic position than we were before the pandemic. That’s no small deal. At a time when other states are still struggling to recover from the devastating shutdowns imposed on them by shortsighted politicians, South Dakota is thriving.

  • Left’s filibuster frustration boils over

    New presidents have only so long to get big legislative initiatives done. It’s already June, and the clock is ticking for President Joe Biden.

  • Kudos to the swim club

    Compliments to our Brookings Swim Club members who hosted a swim meet this past weekend.

  • Setting them up for misery: Letting our young people down

    You may have heard by now about Paxton Smith, the high-school valedictorian in Texas who switched out her expected speech to decry the recent heartbeat law passed in that state, which restricts abortions early on in pregnancy.

  • Noem speech presents startling meth picture

    Gov. Kristi Noem presented her first State of the State speech Tuesday and included a startling picture of the methamphetamine crisis plaguing our state.