Columnist Terry Mattingly: The haunting final sermon of Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell had no way to know, as he rose to preach during a spiritual retreat in southern Italy, that this was his last sermon — opening with the biblical cry, “Repent, because the Kingdom of God is near.”

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Columnist Carrie Classon: Insights gained from walking in the snow

It was snowing hard, the way it almost never does anymore, and I decided I needed to go for my walk, heedless of the weather.

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Columnist Gene Lyons: Stoking the fires of 'wokeness'

When the talk turns to left-wing “woke” ideology on college campuses, I sometimes say I was there at the creation. I basically resigned my first academic job over it. Clearly it was quit or get fired — basically for having the wrong perceived identity and a congenital resistance to moralistic cant.

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Columnist Carl Kline: Exploring the subtleties of truth and lies

I’m not sure if clergy still use them. Mine weighs a ton. I inherited it from my father and his name is still imprinted on the cover. It has been a handy resource over the course of my ministry, especially before the days of Google; back when you had to look things up in books.

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