Additional Articles

  • Robertson: Reject Amendment C

    As a result of a message left on our phone yesterday, I feel I must speak out regarding Amendment C.

  • Rasmussen: Support DeGroot and Heermann

    Brookings deserves strong leaders in Pierre who take the concerns, ideas and aspirations of our community with them.

  • Gross: Ignore negative ads about Post

    I am deeply concerned about the negative, inaccurate advertising regarding candidate Doug Post.

  • DeBates: Vote for Heermann and DeGroot

    In any election, it is up to each voter to carefully consider the candidates; to research their experience, background and issues of importance.

  • Did Putin wait until Biden became president?

    In the days after Russia attacked Ukraine, there was a lot of talk among Republicans that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded had Donald Trump still been president.

  • Wisdom in the words left unspoken

    Americans often reflect on Robert Frost’s meditation on roads not taken. Today, we might reflect on speeches not given – and on truths unspoken.

  • Respite from the heat

    When the world is hot and my skin is fried, scratching from the constant dry, let the clouds boil up, boil up high. And then shade the earth with the darkening sky and bring the secrets and the smell of rain. The coolness and the blessed rain, again.

  • A grateful nation

    “Land of the free because of the brave.” This simple sentiment recognizes that many of the blessings we enjoy as a grateful nation are a result of the selfless men and women who have answered the call to serve their nation.

  • Lessons from the Hall of Men in Kansas

    WICHITA, Kan. – The Hall of Men fits the name, with meetings offering beer, cigars, an open bar, some kind of “guy food” (think pizza) and lots of chatter around a giant wooden table.

  • Minor: Make wise choices in the voting booth

    Today I am writing to thank the individuals that have put their names and necks on the line to run for public office. These are harsh days to stand up and speak up for what you believe in.

  • Jensen: Post a great candidate

    Integrity. What does it mean to you? Honesty? Trustworthiness? I am amazed and saddened at the number of “hate-filled” postcards being sent by members of the South Dakota Republican Legislature against other members of the Republican Party simply because they are deemed “too conservative.”

  • Milstead: Mills represents us well

    The words “honorable” and “trustworthy” come in the form of a man that serves in the state Legislature.

  • Muzzey: Vote for Post

    We would like to encourage you to vote for Doug Post for District 7 representative.

  • Turner: DeGroot a strong candidate

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for Roger DeGroot and his candidacy as District 7 representative in the South Dakota Legislature.

  • Brubakken: Vote for DeGroot

    It is with great honor that I write in support of Roger DeGroot for state House of Representatives from District 7.

  • Krogstad: Vote for school upgrade

    I am a new resident in Brookings; however, I spent my high school years in Volga.

  • Medary staff: Vote ‘yes’ for our kids

    We are writing to encourage Brookings School District citizens to vote “yes” to approve the bonds to finance construction of a new Hillcrest Elementary and a new remodel and addition to Medary Elementary.

  • Hillcrest staff: School upgrades badly needed

    We are writing this letter to raise awareness about the needs of a new Hillcrest Elementary building. Hillcrest was built in 1955 and has served its purpose as an educational facility for the community for the past 67 years.

  • Believe Jesus’ truths

    Carl Kline stated in a recent opinion piece, “I can’t believe we will ever possess truth,” and likened truth about religion and faith to beauty, stating, “In the same way, truth is a subjective quality.” Kline conflates truth with opinion, confuses objective facts with subjective feelings and personal preferences.

  • Conservative media dead wrong on ‘replacement theory’

    Chances are, deluded mass murderer Payton Gendron doesn’t actually know any Black people to speak of. According to the 2020 census, his hometown of Conklin, New York, roughly 200 miles from the Buffalo supermarket where he acted out his deadly fantasies, has an African American population smaller than 1%.

  • We should be willing to help all of our neighbors in need

    There’s an exercise called “Broken Squares” that’s part of the Children’s Creative Response to Conflict program.

  • Powers: Vote for DeGroot

    As June 7 comes closer, I encourage you to vote for Roger DeGroot for District 7 House of Representatives.

  • Lovely locks

    Poets often have the insight to see, in a sin­gle detail or fea­ture, a com­plex uni­verse of mean­ing.

  • South Dakota is a Second Amendment sanctuary

    Over the past two years, America has seen some of the most concerning attacks on freedom in our history.