Additional Articles

  • For Democrats, the word is transform

    Remember when Joe Biden ran for president in what commentators called the “centrist” lane of the Democratic primaries?

  • Aurora poultry bingo party a success

    On Friday, Nov. 19, the Pike-Huska American Legion Post No. 230 and Auxiliary hosted its annual poultry bingo party and soup and sandwich meal.

  • Help for those pregnant and in need: Beyond Roe v. Wade

    If you are pregnant and in need, come to the Catholic church.That was the message of Cardinal John O’Connor 30 years ago when he founded the Sisters of Life in New York.

  • Face to face with mysteries of C.S. Lewis

    While historians argue about what C.S. Lewis did or didn’t say, it can be stated with absolute certainty that the Oxford don never patted down his rumpled, professorial tweed jacket before exclaiming, “Where’s my phone?”

  • The first Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving – it’s the time of year where you can turn to the paper and are almost guaranteed to find a few fluffy columns about counting blessings and being thankful. But this year, it would ring hollow coming from me.

  • Eric Clapton crosses the line again

    I’ve always thought of Eric Clapton as the Frank Sinatra of my generation: a consummate musical artist who’s also kind of a jerk.

  • Educators, worn down in the COVID era, need relief

    This school year, many thought, would be a time when Omaha-area schools would make major strides toward getting back to “normal” in the wake of the COVID crisis. It’s turned out, unfortunately, that far from lightening teachers’ burdens, 2021 has added to them.

  • Honoring Native American Heritage Month

    Since 1990, our country has celebrated Native American Heritage Month every November to honor and pay tribute to the proud ancestry and traditions of Native Americans. In South Dakota, we are proud of the culture and contributions of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people.