Cats, kids go hand-in-hand at Medary Elementary School in Brookings


Hailey Stuart’s first-grade class from Medary Elementary have been preparing for a field trip to the Brookings Regional Humane Society since the beginning of November.

These first-grade learners have been writing stories about all the adoptable cats currently at the humane society. Each learner wrote a story about a different cat. In preparation for their trip to the humane society, the class also read many books about taking care of pets and how to treat them with kindness. On Nov. 21, 19 students loaded a bus with the stories they authored in hand.

It was truly an exciting and joyful experience for the kids and adults. The cats were immediately loving the attention and words they heard the students read. Students were fascinated when they found the cat their stories were written about.

Stuart and her class would like to thank the humane society for all their efforts in preparing for our trip as well. All the cats were so friendly and welcoming to the class. This allowed us to have such a unique opportunity to practice our reading and writing skills. It is amazing to see how loved and well taken care of the cats were. When it was time to go, the whole class kept asking to stay. It seemed as if all the students had “claimed” a cat they would adopt if they could.

It is a trip and experience Stuart and the first graders will not forget. The students are already asking when they can return and do it again.