Many treats found at Bangladesh Night in Brookings


BROOKINGS — On March 5, South Dakota State University hosted a spectacular Bangladeshi culture celebration at the Bangladesh Night event.

The event was organized by the Bangladeshi Students’ Association, and it was a tremendous success, drawing a diverse crowd of students, faculty and community members.

The evening began with a traditional Bangladeshi dinner featuring a wide array of delicious dishes. Guests were treated to a feast of aromatic rice, savory curries, spicy lentil dishes, and sweet desserts. The food was so good that many attendees returned for second and third servings!

After dinner, the actual festivities began.

The students put together a series of performances showcasing Bangladesh’s music, dance, and fashion. The highlight of the evening was a stunning dance routine performed by a group of students who dazzled the audience with grace and precision.

In addition to the performances, exhibits showcased Bangladeshi art, literature, and history. Guests were invited to browse through these displays and learn more about Bangladesh’s rich culture and heritage.

The event fostered a the e of community and inclusivity. People of all backgrounds came together to celebrate Bangladeshi culture, and there was a real sense of warmth and hospitality throughout the evening.

At the end of the night, as guests made their way out of the auditorium, there was a palpable feeling of joy and satisfaction in the air. The Bangladesh Night event was a huge success; everyone involved felt tremendous pride and accomplishment.

The Bangladesh Students’ Association general secretary, Asif Mahmud Chowdhury, said, “This event was about more than just showcasing Bangladeshi culture. It was about bringing people together and celebrating the diversity and richness of our community. And I think we did that in a truly amazing way.”