Mickelson Middle School quiz bowl takes six teams to West Central


On Jan. 25, the Mickelson Middle School quiz bowlers attended a quiz bowl competition in Hartford.

There were 28 teams at this competition, with six of those teams from Mickelson. Brookings Team 4 took the top spot of first place, taking the lead by 10 points over O’Gorman. Brookings Team 1 took sixth place, with Brookings Team 3 coming in 3 points behind them in seventh place. Brookings Team 2 came in at 10th place, with Brookings Team 6 taking 13th place and Brookings Team 5 in 15th place.

In the left column, from top to bottom, are teams Brookings Team 4 (champions, first-place winners); Brookings Team 1 (sixth place); and Brookings Team 3 (seventh place). The members of Team 4 are, from left, Grant Tellekson, Holden Austreim, Kerrick Zhang, Jagat Perumal and Sinan Briddick. The members of Team 1 are Annabell Bartels, Elizabeth Saunders, Catie Michna, Lucy Gaalswyk and Charlie Butzin. The members of Team 3 are, from left, Donovan Gloege, Amanuel Gemechis, Rayaan Ahmad, Liam Heiberger and Hudson Vincent.

In the right column, from top to bottom, are Brookings Team 2 (10th place), Brookings Team 6 (13th place) and Brookings Team 5 (15th place). The members of Team 2 are, from left, Cora Eidem, Avery Melius, Madeline Enderson, Haley Graybill and Sanhita Tummala. The members of Team 6 are August Steinhauer, Tyler Hegg, Jay KC, Shinji Numata and Oscar Steinhauer. The members of Team 5 are, from left, Bob Carrol, Deacon Trumbo, Kale Weiker, Jacob Novotny andTed Lin.