Letters to the Editor

Vote for Rick Weible

By James Elijah


Posted 5/17/24

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Letters to the Editor

Vote for Rick Weible


By now many of you have started receiving political mailers in your mailbox. One in particular caught my eye, District 8 Senator incumbent Casey Crabtree.

I immediately saw his claim of “Leading with commonsense conservative values.” Really? During the last legislative session he introduced Senate Bill 201, stripping landowners of their rights and giving them to large private corporations. That’s not common sense or conservative!

Then he had the gall to deceitfully label it the “Landowner Bill of Rights.”

If you are not aware of this underhanded piece of legislation, it effectively takes control away from the county, township and city government, where it belongs — and places it squarely with the state, SD Public Utilities Commission — who did not want it.

Mr. Crabtree included more misinformation on this mailer. Claiming that “I believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility and protecting personal liberties.”

Casey has a failing grade by South Dakota Citizens for Liberty because of his abysmal voting record of 31.8%, so his claim of protecting personal liberties is as false as his initial claim of commonsense conservative values. Furthermore, he isn’t advertising the fact that he was never elected to this position, he was appointed by Gov. Kristi Noem herself. Clearly, she needed a puppet to spearhead her agenda for Summit Carbon Solutions, and he fit the bill because of his experience with economic development. And boy did he deliver!

District 8 has a chance to drain some of the South swamp, so to speak, on June 4. Vote Rick Weible.