Baltic mayoral race could be settled by drawing lots

BALTIC (AP) – The next mayor of Baltic, South Dakota could be decided by the drawing of lots after the election officially ended in a tie.

Election officials from the southeastern South Dakota city, which has a population of just over 1,000, said their canvas of votes on Thursday confirmed that the two mayoral candidates — Deborah McIsaac and Tracy Peterson — were tied with 117 votes apiece. The Dell Rapids Tribune reported that if the election remains tied after a potential recount, state law calls for the election to be decided by “a drawing of lots.”

The candidates have until the end of the day Thursday to initiate a recount. But if they don't request the recount or the vote count remains tied, City Administrator Rebecca Wulf would then meet with the candidates to decide the election in a game of chance.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Wulf said. “When they flipped the last vote over and it was a tie, I just sat on the ground and said ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’"



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