Flying Jacks dishing up pancakes at SDSU Fly-In

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BROOKINGS – The pancakes and aircraft will be flying when the Flying Jacks of South Dakota State University serve up breakfast at the annual Fly-In from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Brookings Regional Airport.

A special feature will be the SDSU Aviation department with its flight simulator on site for the public to check out.

“That should be pretty cool,” said Caitlin Bute, a member of the Flying Jacks.

In addition to the pancakes, there will also be eggs, sausages and “probably have a bunch of little breakfast items,” Bute said. There will be coffee, orange juice and water to wash it all down.

The food will be served in the SDSU Aviation hangar; just follow the signs. There is a parking lot out front, Bute said.

The Flying Jacks will accept free-will donations with the proceeds to benefit the aviation program.

There will be some activities, like a spot landing contest to see how close pilots can land their aircraft to a spot on the runway.

And, of course, those attending will have the opportunity to view some aircraft, depending on the weather.

“Last year, we probably had 20-30 (aircraft). Probably expecting the same amount this year, as well,” Bute said. “There’s a lot of them that just come and go, so it’s hard to keep track of all of them.”

And there’s no telling what kind of planes will visit.

“It’s hard to tell because there’s so many different aircraft that come around,” Bute said, listing Pipers and Cessnas, as well as homebuilt crafts. She said Cirrus aircraft and a helicopter could show up, too.

There could even be some antiques.

“I believe we do have a few that do show up,” she said. “No one really RSVPs, it’s just kind of by luck.”

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