Krogman seeks third term on commission

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Three Republican candidates vying for two seats on Brookings County Commission

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to reflect that there is a fourth candidate for Brookings County Commission, independent Tim Bauer of Elkton. Bauer is not listed on the South Dakota Secretary of State's 2020 Candidate List, but the Brookings County Finance Office confirms that Bauer has filed his nominating petitions and is a candidate in the commission race. The two winners of the June 2 Republican primary for county commission will join Bauer on the November general election ballot, with the three candidates competing for two Brookings County Commission seats.

This is the third in a series of three stories that have appeared in The Brookings Register this week, featuring Republican candidates for Brookings County Commission.

BROOKINGS – Commissioner Ryan Krogman wants to continue to bring a straightforward mindset to Brookings County by running for a third term on the County Commission.

Krogman is one of three Republicans running for two available commission seats in the June 2 primary election. Also running are incumbent Mike Bartley and Shawn Hostler. 

The two winners of the Republican primary will face independent candidate Tim Bauer of Elkton in the November general election, with the three competing for two seats.

Krogman is a Brookings native and has remained in the community his entire life. He graduated from Brookings High School and then from South Dakota State University with his degree in business economics. From there he went on to be a real estate broker for 22 years with Century 21.

Krogman said that while he has been serving the county for eight years, he has plenty more he would like to accomplish.

“There are quite a few things yet on our table that I’d like to see finished through; the jail expansion is one of them,” Krogman said. “We’re really working hard to build and repair the infrastructure and county bridges and highways, and we’ve been aggressive with doing those things, whether it’s applying for the state funds to fix the large structures or putting extra money into small structures throughout the county.”

“We’ve also wanted to help our townships and their structures, and we’ve offered them a great system to help them with funds to improve their structures so we can get our highway system, our county road system in good shape so (it can) all be that way for the future and everybody can get their products where they need to and people can get where they need to go in a safe manner,” Krogman said.

Krogman said it’s important to keep the infrastructure of Brookings safe due to the area’s large farming and agriculture community.

“I think that’s an important part of our government, it is to invest in infrastructures and safer structures,” Krogman said. “That’s something I think this commission has been – I’ve been a part of this commission, obviously I’m running for reelection and I want to continue that through – an important part of our responsibility.”

Krogman also said that he has been impressed with how well the county has functioned amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our county employees are phenomenal. They’re very cognizant of the safety of themselves and of the public and everybody that’s in the same office,” Krogman said.

Krogman said he’s not in favor of the City’s decision to appeal the recent decision in the lawsuit between Brookings County and the City of Brookings over the jail expansion. He also said he’s worried that this will increase the cost of the jail and waste taxpayer money.

He wants the county to move ahead with the bidding process because the bidding climate right now is low due to the pandemic and could save the county a significant amount of money. Krogman said there could be a potential savings of $1.5 million.

“Obviously, I’m disappointed that the City is taking the actions that they are. The ruling that the judge made was pretty soundly ruled in our favor, and we would just like to move on and get things going,” he said.

“If this drags out another year, because of the appeal, then we lose our opportunity at the bidding climate and then increasing the cost due to inflation will just add to it,” Krogman said. “So really, we’d like to see the City Council reconsider their decision, and we can move forward and get going rather than to continue in the court process.”

Krogman said he looks forward to potentially coming back for a third term as a commissioner.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy the process, and I enjoy the people that I work with,” Krogman said. “I enjoy our employees, and we’ve done a lot of good things I think over the last eight years, and good collaboration with the City and SDSU and the Brookings School District. And we’re working together as a group to make decisions that are as effective and the best of all of our constituents.”

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