Second cannabis dispensary app filed

BROOKINGS – A second medical cannabis dispensary application has been filed with the city, and the Brookings City Council will consider it during  this Tuesday’s meeting.

Also on the council agenda are potential funding for a city scholarship program and security upgrades for the Brookings Public Library.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Brookings City & County Government Center.

TK Cannabis

The dispensary application was filed by TK Cannabis, LLC, dba Prairie Grass, owner Trifon Theodosopoulos. The cannabis dispensary will be located at 310 W. Seventh St. in Brookings, according to the application.

A memo by City Clerk Bonnie Foster explained the background and requirements, as stated in Ordinance 21-028: 

• Upon receipt of a complete application, the city manager or his representative shall review the application to determine whether the application is in compliance with the city’s ordinances. No license will be approved until the city manager or his representative has conducted an inspection of the proposed premises to determine compliance of the proposed medical cannabis dispensary with all applicable requirements of this ordinance, and with the plans and application submittals. The city manager or his representative shall reject any application that does not meet the requirements of this ordinance or that contains any false, misleading or incomplete information. 

• Within 30 days after the completion of the review of the application, the City Council shall approve or deny the license application provided the city manager or his representative has determined that all requirements for a medical cannabis dispensary license have been satisfied. The city clerk or her representative shall provide the reason(s) for denial of the license by first class mail to the applicant at the address provided in the application. 

• If approved, the city clerk or her representative shall issue to the applicant a cannabis license, which shall include the date of issuance, the term of the license, the name of the licensee and the physical address of the licensed premises. 

“City staff and the city attorney have reviewed the medical cannabis application received from TK Cannabis LLC, dba Prairie Grass,” according to Foster’s memo.

“The application is complete, with proof of possession of the property, by deed or purchase agreement confirmed. The site location, 310 Seventh St. W., meets zoning requirements. An inspection of the facility prior to opening and after remodeling will be necessary,” according to Foster’s memo.

“Once the establishment certificate is issued by the state, the city will complete a full inspection of the facility due to the many items to be installed, remodeled, etc. Staff will need to verify their facility and plan is consistent with the plan per their application,” according to Foster’s memo.

“City Attorney Steve Britzman has reviewed the application and attachments, verified ownership, and has determined that the application and attachments satisfy the requirements for a medical cannabis license, with the license subject to City inspection prior to operation,” according to Foster’s memo.

Foster’s memo stated a medical cannabis application fee is $5,000, and a medical cannabis establishment license fee is $5,000. 

Scholarship program funding

The council will consider Resolution 22-008.

“A scholarship program for Brookings area youth is presented for City Council consideration. Approximately $100,000 a year for five years would fund the scholarships from the Brookings Municipal Liquor Store reserves,” according to a memo by City Manager Paul Briseno.

“If approved, staff recommends annually $80,000 would be committed to the South Dakota State University Foundation and $20,000 toward South Dakota technological colleges,” according to Briseno’s memo.

“An initial scholarship concept was presented to the City Council in October 2021. Staff recommended a pilot program funded from the Brookings Municipal Liquor Store reserves. Approximately $100,000 annually for five years is available,” according to Briseno’s memo.

“There are no municipalities within South Dakota which provide a scholarship program for youth to pursue additional education. However, there are peer midwest college towns with such programs,” according to Briseno’s memo.

“The program’s focus assists Brookings area families’ attainment of additional education for youth beyond high school,” the memo says. 

“The South Dakota State University Foundation proposal is included in the packet. If approved, staff will work with a similar funding mechanism representing the South Dakota technical colleges. A January decision is necessary if Council desires scholarship awards for the 2022-2023 school year,” according to Briseno’s memo.

“The Brookings area scholarship program impacts many areas within the council’s strategic plan. The program is fiscally responsible as it utilizes reserves and does not commit beyond existing resources. Scholarships are available to all Brookings-area students and therefore inclusive. The increase of education is an investment for economic growth, income and community,” according to Briseno’s memo. 

Library security

The council will consider Resolution 22-007.

“This resolution would support Brookings Public Library in its efforts to provide effective and efficient services to the community in a safe environment by adding security cameras and carded key locks. To complete this effort, staff is requesting to use $79,590.17 from the ‘Sinking Fund’ account for investment in security cameras and carded key locks systems,” according to a memo by Ashia Gustafson, library director, and Erick Rangel, chief financial officer for the city.

“The Brookings Police Department completed and presented a safety assessment on the library in 2021; adding security cameras and carded keylocks were flagged as the top priority. The library currently does not have a security camera system and relies on physical keys for entry, both of which pose security challenges and potential safety issues,” according to Gustafson and Rangel’s memo.

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