Volunteers needed for city boards

BROOKINGS – The following appointed city boards, committees and commissions may have position(s) with terms expiring on Dec. 31, 2018.

Applications for Appointment are available online at www.cityofbrookings.org, or at City Hall, 520 Third St., Suite 230, or by calling 692-6281. 

Applications must be submitted to the city clerk no later than Sept. 28.


Brookings Bicycle Advisory Committee

The role of the Brookings Bicycle Advisory Committee is to advise the city council, city manager, and city boards on bicycling related issues; help advance the state of bicycle infrastructure; encourage bicycling for transportation and recreation; public education and awareness; improve safety and compliance with traffic laws; assist the city with bicycle plans; review and suggest legislative and policy changes; recommend priorities for use of the public funds on bicycle projects; and help ensure Brookings retains and enhances its status as a bike friendly community.


Brookings Committee for People who have Disabilities

The Brookings Committee for People who have Disabilities strives to advocate for the rights of people who have disabilities in our community.  Throughout the year, specific events are held to bring awareness and information to citizens. Technical assistance is provided to the business community, private individuals, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations. This is a service not provided by any other entity in Brookings.  The goals of this service are to improve the quality of life for people who have disabilities through enhancing the knowledge base of entities in the community; and to further serve as a community-based advocacy group enhancing the ability of local entities to comply with federal civil rights legislation.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment has the authority to act on variances or special exceptions to the zoning ordinance. Four of the five members must vote in the affirmative for a motion to pass.


Brookings Health System Board of Trustees

The Brookings Health System Board of Trustees is an administrative board responsible for the planning, operation and evaluation of all hospital and nursing home programs, services and related organizational activities consistent with the city charter, odinance and facility by laws.  (Formerly called the “Brookings Hospital Board”).


Business Improvement District No. 1 Board

The Business Improvement District No. 1 Board is responsible to prepare a plan of improvements for a district and provide improvement recommendations to the City Council. The boundaries of Business Improvement District No. 1 are defined as non-contiguous properties to include all hotels/motels with 25 or more rooms situated within the corporate limits of the city of Brookings.


Historic Preservation Commission

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to allow the city to engage in a comprehensive program of historic preservation to promote the inspiration, pleasure and enrichment of the citizens of Brookings through identification, documentation, preservation, promotion and development of the city’s historic resources.


Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission has the power to investigate alleging discrimination. Other programs include: 

 The study of the existence, character, causes and extent of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations, property rights, education and public services. 

• Advise and provide a forum for those subjected to unfair and discriminatory practices in the city and county. 

• Advise city officials concerning issues of discrimination. 

 Conducting educational programs and disseminates information to further the commission’s policy to eliminate discrimination in the city.Library Board

The Library Board is responsible for the appointment of the librarian, the conduct of business and development of policies for the Brookings Public Library materials, the governance of the library and the use of the public library services and materials.


Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is responsible for the city comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city, including areas outside the boundaries of the city and within the planning jurisdiction.


Public Arts Commission

Public art enhances the built environment of a city and enriches the lives of its citizens. A dedicated funding source for an established program of public art enhances the reputation of a city and serves as a vehicle for attracting new businesses and citizens. 

A public art program encourages a community’s artists and citizens to engage in creative activities and artistic development. A public arts commission can develop and implement a unified public art strategy for a community.


Sustainability Council

The purpose of the Sustainability Council is to investigate, propose, educate, communicate and advocate investment strategies and policies that will improve our future qualities of life while still meeting the needs of the present.

Swiftel Center Advisory Committee

The Swiftel Center Advisory Committee shall act only in an advisory capacity to the city council; however it shall, in particular, advise ,the city concerning marketing, operational issues and management of the Swiftel Center, and in particular, shall advise and assist the city in the performance of contracts between the City of Brookings and County of Brookings, and between the City of Brookings and the firm managing the Swiftel Center and which concern the Swiftel Center.


Traffic Safety Committee

The Traffic Safety Committee will develop and implement coordinated traffic safety programs that meet local needs; acting in an advisory capacity to the city manager, city engineer and the City Council as a whole in the coordination of traffic safety activities of the official agencies and departments of the City of Brookings; establishing safety priorities for the city; reviewing and approving project applications for funding; serving in a liaison capacity between the City of Brookings and the South Dakota Highway Safety Program in developing the State Highway Safety Program and in meeting the National Highway Safety Program Standards; promoting public acceptance of official programs proposed or instigated by the City; fostering public knowledge and support of traffic law enforcement and traffic engineering problems; cooperating with city schools in promoting educational traffic safety aids; educating the public in traffic safety; and generally aiding the overall reduction of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths on the city streets.


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