All things denote there is a God


A few days ago my family and I were up very early in the morning to go to a meeting. As we pulled out of our driveway, we looked to the west and as usual saw the moon. However, the moon that morning was extraordinary: large, white and bright, hovering just above the horizon. It was breathtaking. We collectively took a breath and expressed our gratitude for being witness to such a phenomenon.

One of my favorite things is learning about the physical world. The more I learn, the more I see an underlying order and rhythm to how life works on Earth. Likewise, as I continue to learn about the human body and how we function as people, the more I see evidence of an order that shapes and governs it. To me, all that I learn is evidence that God exists.

As I become more aware of God’s influence on Earth, I also appreciate more his love for the people here. I see his love in sunrises and sunsets, on bitterly cold February days that I know are helping to limit how many flies and mosquitos I will have to put up with in June, in frost patterns on a window, and in a beautiful moonset on an early winter morning. I feel his love in the fierce northwest wind that helps me appreciate the southern breeze that comes in a few days or weeks later. And I recognize his sense of aesthetics in the variety of life and organization of ecosystems and topography that covers the Earth, from rugged mountains to wide open plains, and from sandy beaches to mighty rivers.

I find joy in seeing evidence of God’s existence. To me it brings a greater sense of appreciation and purpose. It helps me be more mindful in my interactions with everything around me, because I recognize that everything around me has purpose and meaning and is deserving of my respect. And in that, too, I see evidence that God exists.