Wendy’s restaurant coming to Brookings

Purveyor of Frosties, burgers and more will be in old Hardee’s location


BROOKINGS — Frosty fans rejoice! Wendy’s is coming to Brookings, where it will occupy the former Hardee’s restaurant building at 2324 Sixth St.

The building is currently undergoing remodeling, with an expected opening sometime in late February, according to Jeff Rich, who is the director of operations for Utah-based Mountain West Wendy’s Group. Once open, the new Wendy’s location is expected to employ 30 to 35 people.

“We’re excited to come (to Brookings). We looked for a long time, trying to find a place, and this opportunity fell into our laps and we jumped on it as soon as we could,” he said in a Thursday phone interview with the Brookings Register.

The remodeled restaurant will have a “Global Next Generation Kitchen, so everything will be set up very efficiently and enable us to service the customers the best we can,” Rich added. “We will also have new, state-of-the-art grills in there that keep our patties fresh and hot and cook pretty much to order at that point.”

He said Mountain West Wendy’s Group also owns the Wendy’s locations in Sioux Falls and that, at some point, would love to expand into Mitchell and Watertown. Those two communities also recently lost their Hardee’s restaurants.

“At some point we’d like to bring them there, (but) I can’t speak to those locations at this point,” Rich noted, adding that they’re focusing on Brookings for the time being. “We’d love to expand in that whole area — those are some of our expandability areas.”

In addition to its Frosty product, Wendy’s is known for its burgers, fries, chili and much more. 

In closing, Rich added that, “We’re excited to be (here). We can’t wait to service (the Brookings area).”

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